Dual-line systems

Machines with a high “density” of lubrication points are encountered in heavy process industry. This means that there are many lubrication points in a small area. In such applications it is profitable to install a large central lubricating system. Even if the standard pump centre is expensive, the cost per lubrication point is not paricularly high. Examples of such applications are lubrication of paper machines, causticizing plants, cleaning plants, bark presses, debarking drums, sawmills and various applications in steel mills and plants for non-ferrous metals, lubrication of guide vanes in water turbines, etc.

Assalub’s dual-line is designed for rough working conditions. The dozers are available both in yellow passivated steel and in acid-resistant steel (AISI 316) for severe environments.

A dual-line system can include more than 1,000 lubrication points. These systems are equipped with Asalub’s special grease pump for dual-line systems and are controlled either by a control centre for one or more lubrication channels or an existing process computer in the production unit.

Oil systems for consumption lubrication are used in heavy process industry mainly for conveyors. Other applications include sawmill machineries, printing presses, breweries, etc. Also these systems can be large, with 1,000 or more lubrication points.

Assalub plan to build turn-key systems for oil circulation lubricating systems. Such systems are used both for lubrication and for cooling of the bearings – mainly in paper machines, rolling mills and in large gearboxes.

All of our products are available in our catalogue.

CC1/CCWMon 20 – Control Unit for Lubrication Monitoring and Dual-Line Control

CC1 Compact

Electrical pumping station

Air-operated pumping station

Air Reversing Valve Unit for dual-line systems

Electrical Reversing Valve Unit for dual-line systems

CC1 Alpha control unit

Control unit CC1 Mk II

Control unit CC4 Mk II

Zinc-plated steel dual-line dispenser

Acid-proof steel (AISI 316) dual-line dispenser

Cover plates

Nipple plate

Cross-porting bars

Base plates, aluminium

Base plates, acid proof steel

Check valve, accessory for Base Plates

Bolt, accessory for Base Plates

Welding plate, AISI 316, accessory for Base Plates

Joining block for pipe to hose

Pressure transducer kit for mounting on base plate

Pressure transducer kit for mounting in main line

Pressure switch kit, for mounting on base plate

Pressure switch kit, for mounting in main line

Air operated grease shut-off valve

Electrically operated grease shut-off valve. For tube mounting

Electrically operated grease shut-off valve for tube mounting

Repair and seal kits for dispensing modules

Repair kits for dispensing modules

Materials for assembly of dual line system

Seal kits for dispensing modules