Over the years engineers have repeatedly questioned the false security offered by a fully automatic centralised lubrication system and have preferred the old method of manual lubrication with its inherent problems. They claim that there is no guarantee that lubricant is reaching the bearing.

Following on from “LubeRight” our accountable PC based manual system we have developed LubeMon, the first monitoring system that guarantees lubricant is discharged into the bearing with the correct amount each and every time.

Control Unit CCMon 10

Cable for LubeMon (PTFE)

Cable for LubeMon (PVC)

Connector without cable

Elbow connector without LED

Elbow connector with integrated LED

Flow transmitter HV

Flow transmitter

CC1/CCWMon 20 – Control Unit for Lubrication Monitoring and Dual-Line Control

CCWMon 20 – Control unit WLubeMon


Grease Flow Transmitter (Anodized aluminium and POM – WLubeMon)

Grease Flow Transmitter (stainless steel and PEEK – WLubeMon)

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