Multi-line systems

In light and medium-heavy industry – in contrast to heavy process industry – individual machines with a smaller number of lubrication points are used. Applications in which grease lubrication is used include for instance pellet presses, gears, stone-crushers, cement kilns, screw conveyors, travelling hoists, process filters, ship steering and lubrication of rudders shafts, cranes, rotary filters, industrial separators, etc.

The above-mentioned machines are normally lubricated by means of a separate lubrication system which may take various forms. It may consist of a simple lubricator with as many outlets as there are lubrication points in the machine. It may also be a sophisticated lubrication system with automatic replenishment of lubricant and equipped with functional checks, control units for intermittent operation, etc.

Assalub make lubricating systems for the above-mentioned applications including multi-line lubricators for grease (types FLM and FEM) and for oil (type B).

All of our products are also available in our catalogue.

Feed Pump, type MP-2


Brass connector

Connector, stainless steel

Pressure Control

Inlet and outlet connections for function controls

Function Control

Lubricator type B

Joining of Lubricator Outlets

Over-pressure Control

Mounting bracket for lubricator type FLM or FEM

Grease shut-off valve

Grease shut-off valve

Electrically operated grease shut-off valve for tube mounting

Air solenoid valve

Control Unit, CCL Alpha

Lubricant level switch, electrical

System for automatic replenishment of several lubricators

”Totally-empty” mobile replenishment unit for grease

Replenishment pump, ”totally empty”

Replenishment pump

A quick-release coupling

Brass straight male connector BSP 1/4″

Acid-proof adjustable elbow tubing connector,

Zinc-plated adjustable elbow connector for tubing,

Acid-proof straight connector with cut ring

Zinc-plated straight connector with cut ring

System for automatic replenishment of one lubricator

Brass straight connector with compression ring

Lubricator type FEM

Lubricator type FLM