Grease handling

Complete product range for grease handling and manual grease lubrication.

All of our products are also available in our catalogue.


Hand grease gun

Hand grease gun with grease meter

Grease gun collar

Grease zerk cap

Transparent reservoir

Refilling equipment for hand grease guns mounted on the drum lid

Grease filter

Grease filter cartridge

Filling plug adapter

Filling plug adapter

Bearing filler

Bearing filler

Lubrication point pressure tester for control of obstructed lubrication points

Hand pump for pails, 1/4-drums and 1/1-drums

Filling dispenser for lever guns and bearing chargers.

“Totally empty” replenishment pump for pails

Replenishment pump for 16-25 kg pail

1:6 ratio grease transfer pump

Air-operated grease pump, ratio 1:50

Sealing & repair kit for pump 1:6

Sealing kit for grease pump 1:50

1:65 ratio air-operated grease pump

Service kits 1:65 pump “Totally Empty”

Electric grease pump for pail, 1/4 or 1/1-drum

Electrically driven greasing unit, mobile, for 16-20 kg pail

Drum lid with level indicator

Stationary pump elevator

Mobile pump elevator

Drum lid

Conventional type follower plate

“Totally Empty” follower plate

Air gun for releasing “totally empty” follower plate from the empty drum

Adapter for pump tube Ø35 mm

Wall mounted pump suspension device

Lubricant level switch, electrical

Lubricant level switch, pneumatic valve

Lubricant level switch holder

Grease Meter

Grease meter gun

Battery operated grease gun, 20 V Li-Ion with internal grease meter

Battery operated grease gun with grease meter, large reservoir and harness

Battery 20 V

Battery charger 20 V

Large grease reservoir (1 litre)

Harness for grease gun

Grease gun valve

Grease swivels for high pressure

Greasing pipe

Extension hose

Quick Fix male and female connector

Quick coupling for grease

4 Jaw Hydraulic coupler

Steel hook-on button head connector

Hydraulic swivel coupler

Needle tip adapter

Shut-off valve for grease

Zinc-plated steel cart for 16-20 kg pails


Grease zerk cap, Colour coded

Grease nipple assortment kit

High pressure grease hose assemblies

Zinc-plated steel cart for 16-20 kg pails, straight

Zinc-plated steel trolley

Trolley for 1/1-drum, zinc-plated steel

Mobile greasing unit for 16-20 kg pail, with 1:65 ratio grease pump

Zinc-plated steel drum trolley for 1/1-drum

Mobile greasing unit for 16-20 kg pail, c omprising 1:50 ratio grease pump,

Mobile greasing unit for 1/4-drum, with 1:65 ratio grease pump

Mobile filling unit for 16-20 kg pail, with ratio 1:65 pump

“Totally-empty” mobile replenishment unit for grease

Dosing system for grease

Greasing unit

Pump equipment, 1:6, 1/1-drum

Pump equipment, 1:65, 1/1-drum

Pump equipment, 1:65, for 1/4-drum

Pump equipment, 1:65, for fluid bag

Air equipment

Hose reel, 15 meter, with grease gun

Supply hose with grease gun

Supply hose with grease gun