Computer based system that grants full control over the important manual lubrication.

LubeRight identifies each lubrication point and display the correct amount grease to use.

LubeRight confirms each lubrication point and prevents that lubrication points gets overlooked.

LubeRight makes it possible to verify lubrication history for each lubrication point.

Lubrication is planned and verified in a PC program.

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LubeRight Mk II full kit

LubeRight Mk II full kit for button head nipples

Digital grease meter with transmitter for communication with transponders

Digital grease meter with transmitter for communicating with transponders with button head nipple

Grease nipple with transponder

Button head grease nipple with transponder

USB-cable LubeRight Mk II

LubeRight.NET program license

Grease nipples

Adaptors for the grease nipples


Spiral retaining ring for transponders

Support washer for transponders

Mounting tool for transponders

Number labels 1-540, 8 mm

Parts for an extended nipple system