Grease coating and injection

A number of components have moving parts that require a small amount of lubricant to be applied in the assembly line. The lubricant is intended to lubricate the parts for a certain length of time or for the whole life of the product. Typical applications in the automotive industry are the assembly of door locks, window winding mechanisms, seat sliding mechanisms, brakes, etc. and in the electronic industry assembly of radios, TVs, computers, wire harnesses etc. In an assembly process with short cycle times, the material has to be applied positively, accurately and with high degree of repeatability. In such a process, an imprecise dosage, drips and spills will create unacceptable problems, jeopardizing the quality of the product.

CVM and ACV are reliable precision dispensers designed for a long life in industrial applications. In order to avoid unnecessary handling of material applied Assalub’s air operated drum pump is used to feed the dispensers directly from the drum. Our special follower plate ensures that the barrel is completely emptied.

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