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Parts for an extended nipple system

Whether it’s for LubeRight or just to have easier access for manual greasing there is good reason to move the place where to connect the greasing equipment.

Acid-proof steelZinc-plated steel
Pos.Description              Art.No.              Art.No.
1Button head grease nipple with transponder0102426-
2Grease nipple with transponder0102397-
3Adaptor ISO-G1/8"32042311117085
4GE 6 LR 1/8"3204200900016
5Extension adaptor ISO-G1/8"121255121233
6Tube nipple 6 mm for hose 903023903027903025
7Sleeve for hose 903023903026903024
8High pressure hose 840 bar 903023903023
9WE 6 LR 1/8"32040903201139
10Tube 6×1 DIN2391902579900169
11Adapter 1/4 × 1/83204088904103
12G 6 L32042013201235
13Tube clip 6×434040493402049
14Tube clip 6×334040483402048
15Tube clip 6×234040473402047
16Tube clip 6×134040463402046
17Mounting plate for nipples, L=1 m, for 28 nipples901518-