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Pressure transducer kit for mounting on base plate

Pressure:  0-25 MPa (0-3,600 psi)
Protection class:                    IP 67
Output:4-20 mA
Power:12-30 V DC
Cable:PUR 5 meter
Connection:brown +(1)
blue -(3)
Surface treatment:Anodized
Weight:0.9 kg
Part Number: 101929
Material:Acid-proof steel (AISI 316)
Surface treatment:None
Weight:1.3 kg
Part Number: 101930
Pressure Acknowledgement
Each pumping period ends when the control unit receives a signal that sufficient pressure has been reached at the furthest end or where there is the greatest restriction in the grease feed lines. In Assalub's dual-line system, a pressure transducer or a pressure switch is fitted to each main line. They are mounted between the base plate and the last dispensing valve. The output signal of the pressure transducer is 4-20 mA corresponding to a pressure of 0-25 MPa (0-3,600 psi). The kit includes screws for mounting of the dispensing valve and pressure transducer/pressure switch unit to the base plate.