HomeTube kits, complete for 1 m tube

Tube kits, complete for 1 m tube

Available for five different tube dimensions. The table below shows what each complete tube kit number comprises.    
12x1 FZArt.no:0102333
22x2 FZArt.no:0102334
28x2.5 FZArt.no:0102335
30x4 FZArt.no:0102336
22x2 SSArt.no:0102337
Qty. (pcs/m) for each complete tubekit with art.no:
Pos.Article.Art.no:         01023330102334010233501023360102337
1Tube 12x1 FZ9001721----
1Tube 22x2 FZ3102007-1---
1Tube 28x2.5 FZ3102009--1--
1Tube 30x4 FZ903022---1-
1Tube 22x2 SS3104003----1
2G12 L FZ9039920,2----
2G22 L FZ3201037-0,2--0,2
2G28 L FZ3201039--0,2--
2G30 S FZ3201156---0,2-
3Tube holder 1234130010,5----
3Tube holder 223413002-0,5--0,5
3Tube holder 283413004--0,5--
3Tube holder 303413032---0,5-
4Screw 6x20 FZ9033700,5----
4Screw 6x30 FZ3402021-1---
4Screw 6x35 FZ3402023--11-
4Screw 6x30 SS3404030----1