About Assalub

Assalub AB– a short presentation

Assalub develops, manufactures and markets equipment for handling of lubricants as well as centralised lubrication systems and components for said systems. All Assalub products are known to represent a very high quality standard. Assalub is a privately-owned company with some thirty employees. The company is exclusively devoted to lubrication automation and handling, and has no activity in other areas. The HQ, production, development and the warehouse are all located in Åtvidaberg, Sweden. Åtvidaberg is located 35 km east of Linköping which is the regional capital city – about 200 km south of Stockholm.

The two product groups will be described in the following:

Equipment for handling of lubricants

The product range consists of air driven pumps for grease, oil, waste oil and anticorrosion fluid. Usually the pumps are barrel mounted but some are available in a wall-mounted version. Our program also holds other accessories like hose reels, flow meters, trolleys etc – all things needed to have a full range.

In many parts of the world, corrosion is a major problem for cars, lorries and buses. The equipment that applies the rust protecting stuff on the chassis might be an Assalub product as we are one of the larger producers of such in Europe.

The program range also includes a range of grease pumps specially designed for dual line central lubrication systems used in heavy process industry like paper and steel mills. Another speciality is the electrically powered pump predominately used in hydroelectric stations and other plants where pressurised air is not available.

Centralized lubrication

Assalub manufactures single line and dual line systems as well as multi-outlet lubrication pumps for both oil and grease. Our lubrication systems are applied in several applications all over the world. Our products can be found in cement making factories, on stone crushing machines, industrial separators, balance bridges, paper machines, steel mills etc.