Progressive system

Automated lubrication system for grease and oil. Used for smaller lubrication systems, about 50 lubrication points or less. The progressive distributors are fed either from a lubricator (i.e. an electrically powered multi line pump) or an air-operated grease pump. Our products are also available in our catalogue.

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Why use a progressive system in your manufacturing process

A progressive feeder, a critical component in automated lubrication systems, plays a pivotal role across various industries by ensuring precise and reliable lubrication. This advanced mechanism is designed to distribute lubricant—be it oil or grease—to multiple points within a machinery system from a feeding line. The underlying principle involves a series of progressive metering valves that sequentially dispense a predetermined amount of lubricant to each lubrication point. This system offers unparalleled benefits in terms of efficiency, reliability, and maintenance optimization.

In the manufacturing sector, progressive feeders are indispensable for maintaining the operational integrity of high-speed production lines. They minimize downtime by providing continuous lubrication to critical components, thus preventing the wear and tear that can lead to costly repairs or replacements. By ensuring that each part receives the right amount of lubricant at the right time, these systems also contribute to extending the lifespan of machinery, enhancing overall productivity.

Progressive systems are used in all kinds of industry

The automotive industry, known for its stringent quality and reliability standards, relies heavily on progressive feeders for assembly lines and robotic applications. These systems ensure that components such as bearings, gears, and joints receive consistent lubrication, critical for maintaining the performance and longevity of vehicles. Furthermore, the precision of progressive feeders helps in achieving the high level of automation required in this sector, facilitating streamlined operations and reducing manual labor costs.

In the realm of heavy machinery used in construction and mining, progressive feeders offer robust solutions to lubrication challenges. Machines operating in harsh environments are subject to extreme conditions that can accelerate wear and failure. Progressive feeders provide a systematic lubrication process that is both weather-resistant and capable of delivering grease to hard-to-reach points, ensuring that equipment remains operational and safe under demanding conditions.