Single-line systems

Automated lubrication system for oils. Our products are also available in our catalogue.

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Assalub offers modern single-line systems that provide safe and efficient lubrication

We have several decades of experience in single-line systems for lubrication in industry. Our robust systems are compatible with many types of lubricants. Browse our range of control centers, dosing valves, pump units, etc. and contact us if you have any questions!

Reliable pump unit for single-line systems

CME pumps have been meticulously engineered to meet a broad spectrum of operating requirements, providing a tailored solution for applications in small to medium machines with numerous lubrication points. This precision engineering ensures that these pumps deliver metered lubrication with optimal efficiency and reliability. 

Designed to handle a diverse range of lubricants, CME pumps can effectively manage oils with viscosities ranging from 20 to 1000 cSt, as well as soft-grease with NLGI 000-00. This versatility makes them a go-to choice for industries with varying lubrication needs. 

The electric pumps type CME are a testament to cutting-edge technology, specifically developed for single-line systems. This design facilitates precise lubrication delivery to positive displacement injectors. The inclusion of a gear pump with a discharge of 100 cm³/min, a single-phase motor operating at 230 V AC, and features such as an integrated electronic control unit and pressure switch further enhances the adaptability of these pumps. 

The impact-resistant transparent reservoir, boasting a generous 3-liter capacity, is a testament to the durability and practicality of CME pumps. Equipped with valves to relieve and purge air, as well as a bypass for enhanced operational efficiency, the gear pump demonstrates a thoughtful design that caters to the diverse needs of industrial applications. 

 The integrated electronic control unit in CME pumps adds another layer of sophistication, providing comprehensive control and supervision. Users can adjust pause time (ranging from 1 minute to 21 hours) and pumping time (from 5 seconds to 90 seconds). The system can also be managed through an external pressure switch.

 In conclusion, CME pumps stand out as a reliable and adaptable solution, addressing the nuanced lubrication requirements of a wide range of machinery applications.