Grease handling equipment

Discover our wide range of professional grease handling equipment, and components for automatic and manual grease lubrication. We at Assalub are proud of our reliable products, which are carefully engineered to operate flawlessly for many years. Welcome to contact us!

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Explore our website to find pumps, hoses, valves, dispensing valves for grease, grease meters, swivels, hose reels, trolleys, carts, drum bung fittings and pumping equipment – everything you need in one place.

Benefits with Assalub:

  • high quality and long-lasting products
  • tailored solutions for your needs
  • a complete and reliable partner
  • over 90 years of experience in grease pump equipment.

Grease equipment – essential for process industries, mining and car workshops

Lubrication machinery and systems are fundamental in many industries, for processes to run reliably without production downtime. Examples include heavy process industry, steel industry, paper, mining and car workshops where the lubrication ensures that rotating equipment works properly. Assalub’s high-performance pumps and lubrication components are found in everything from cement production facilities and industrial separators, to paper machines and steel mills.

Your complete supplier for market-leading grease handling equipment

With over 90 years of experience in grease handling products, Assalub is the no.1 choice for grease equipment of the highest quality. We design and manufacture the products at our factory in Sweden, which gives us full control over quality and flexibility, in case our customers have special requirements.

Environmentally friendly lubrication management solutions

Sustainability plays a major role at Assalub. We aim for a minimal environmental impact by focusing on innovative design improvements to increase service life. Our technical know-how results in products that are truly built to last, which ultimately saves resources.

In addition, we have developed the Totally Empty concept where grease barrels are completely emptied with the help of specially designed Totally Empty pump equipment. Normally, 5-30 kg of grease remains in the barrel because the pump is not able to absorb the last amounts. By mounting a follower plate on the barrel, the pump follows the dropping grease level down to the bottom, thus optimizing use of resources.

What do I need to keep in mind when ordering from Assalub?

If you are ordering a grease pump, it’s important that you get a pump with the right size. Lubricant is delivered in different packagings, from 180 kg barrels down to 16 kg buckets. Questions to consider – are you going to use the pump for lubrication? Do you need high pressure or high flow? If you are going to transfer lubricant from one barrel to another, you need a high flow. If the aim is to instead pump grease through long pipes, high pressure is needed.

Our staff is always happy to help if you have questions. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions about our grease handling equipment!