LubeRight is computer directed and controlled, fully monitoring and recording every lubrication cycle with the correct amount of lubricant dispensed in accordance with the bearing manufacturers requirements thus extending the life of all the bearings. Historical data is stored of every lubrication point.

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Each bearing is equipped with an acid proof stainless steel nipple transponder (a chip baked into a washer like envelope) that identifies with the bearing. The chip holds a unique identification number enabling the system to recognise each lubricating point.

The amount of grease that is to be discharged into the bearing is stored in the memory of the grease meter which is programmed from the PC with the total number of bearings to be lubricated, with both the volume and frequency of lubricant to be applied to each bearing. The grease meter screen can, with the press of a button, be illuminated so that even in the darkest environment the operation is clearly seen.

Once the lubrication round is completed, the communication and charger unit is connected to the grease meter and PC to download the information recorded during the lubrication round. Any missed lubrication points will be highlighted, any over-or-under lubricated bearings will be recorded.

This is how LubeRight works, step by step!

  1. The “LUBERIGHT®” software is installed in the computer. The administration part of the program contains the data relating to each lubrication point, i.e. name, group, lubricant volume to be dispensed, lubrication frequency and job number for that particular round. Each lubrication point is connected to a specifictransponder. The nipple, along with its transponder, is then installed at the bearing. THE SYSTEM IS NOW READY FOR US
  2. To commence a lubrication round, connect the communication and charging unit to the PC and the grease meter and then download the program for therequired lubrication round to the grease meter. On connecting the grease meter nozzle to the lubrication point the grease meter identifies the point and instructs the operator how much lubricant to discharge into the bearing.
  3. When the lubrication round is completed you connect the grease meter to the PC and transfer the data to the software’s administration component.Once downloaded all the items that were due for lubrication will be highlighted in green confirming that the round has been successfully completed.Any items not completed correctly will be clearly identified.

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