Assalub’s lubrication equipment and central grease lubrication systems are used in all kinds of industries. Our products are used in various industries from steel mills to sawmills – where they contribute to machines performing optimally.

Read more below about all areas of use for your specific industry.

Energy and power industry

Energy and Power Industry • Recovery boilers / Boilers – our dual-line grease lubrication systems...

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Paper and pulp mills

Pulp and paper industry  Paper machines, cardboard machines, and dryers  Wire and press sections: Our...

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Cement industry

Cement industry In the cement industry, historically a lot of lubricators are used mainly for...

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Steel industry

Continous casting machines Due to high temperatures and aggressive environment, the Assalub dual-line lubrication systems...

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Sawmills Our dual-line grease lubrication system is recommended for automating grease lubrication and single line...

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