Energy and power industry

Energy and Power Industry

• Recovery boilers / Boilers – our dual-line grease lubrication systems are generally used on conveyors, screws etc. The systems are also used on grills where the grease intervals are frequent.

• Flue gas fans – Assalub B-lubricators are often used for oil circulation in flue gas fans.

• Turbines and dust hatches – can be lubricated with our dual line grease systems.

◦ Stokers – our recommendation for reliable lubrication is Assalub’s dual-line grease system. There will be a big difference in energy consumption and durability for sliding surfaces and seals as we lubricate the equipment 2-4 times/hour which is cost efficient. Generally, LubeRight is a good complement when dual-line systems are unsuitable, but you still want to have control over the grease lubrication.

◦ To monitor critical lubrication points, use LubeMon and WLubeMon. The monitoring systems lessens the risk of a critical bearing failure.

• Lube Rooms/Lubrication shed – we supply a lot of pneumatic pumps for grease and oil. Our 1:6 oil pumps provide power and flow to pump all kinds of oil up to the thickest gearbox oils. The 1:6 pump can advantageously also be used for NLGI 2 grease for filling grease guns and reservoirs, pure transfer to barrels or other equipment. The most common grease pump is the 1:65 pump with the “totally empty” concept. The pump is used to fill grease guns, manual lubrication, in automatic grease lubrication systems such as dual-line grease systems, progressive systems, or grease spray systems.