Our dual-line grease lubrication system is recommended for automating grease lubrication and single line system is recommended for chain lubrication.

The LubeRight is a good complement to secure correct lubrication where manual grease lubrication is still used. To monitor critical lubrication points, LubeMon and WLubeMon are good tools to lessen risk for bearing failure.

Lube Rooms /Lubrication shed

We supply a lot of pneumatic pumps for grease and oil. Our 1:6 oil pumps provide power and flow to pump all kinds of oil up to the thickest gearbox oils. The 1:6 pump can advantageously also be used for NLGI 2 grease for filling grease guns and reservoirs, pure transfer to barrels or other equipment. The most common grease pump is the 1:65 pump with the “totally empty” concept. The pump is used to fill grease guns, manual lubrication, in automatic grease lubrication systems such as dual-line grease systems, progressive systems, or grease spray systems.