CC1/CCWMon 20 – Control Unit for Lubrication Monitoring and Dual-Line Control 102061

The control unit CC1/CCWMon 20 monitors up to 20 wireless measuring devices and controls a dual-line system. The information is clearly presented on a colour touch display.


The control unit alarms when any of the monitored lubrication points have a temperature or a flow that are outside of preset values. The alarm will also go off when pressure isn’t reached in time, the grease drum level is low, too high resting pressure, or problems with pressure transducer.

The display shows the most important information in a clear way, but if an USB memory is connected it stores a lot more information about lubrications, alarms, flow, and temperature.

Available languages are English, German, and Swedish.


  • Settable pump and pause time
  • Pressure settings
  • All settings are password protected
  • Extra lubrication
  • Manual running
  • Machine control
  • Operation indication
  • Alarm output. Alarms when:
  • Set pressure not reached during pump time
  • Low level in lubrication drum
  • Pressure reached in wrong line
  • Too high resting pressure
  • Faulty pressure transduce


  • Settable monitor interval
  • Settable max. and min. lubrication amount
  • Settable max. temperature
  • Alarm output:
  • Lubrication amount outside preset values
  • Low charge in battery
  • Communication problems
  • High temperature
  • Optional name for each lubrication point
  • Information on lubrication amounts and temperatures may be transferred to a computer and analyzed.
  • Settings for the lubrication points can be done on a computer and then transferred to control unit
Protection: IP 65
Dimensions: 231x185x119 mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 1,3 kg
Power supply: 80-264 V AC, 47-63 Hz, 2 A at 115 V AC - 1 A at 230 V AC
Primary fuse: 2 A trög/250 V AC, brytförmåga 1 500 A vid 250 V AC
Secondary fuse: 5 A inert/250 V
Outputs: AlarmVoltage-free change over contact
Operation indication Voltage-free change over contact
Max. load 80 VA resistive load 100 W inductive load
Solenoid valves Built-in power source 24 V DC. Total max. 4 A

Wireless measuring device in aluminium and POM (101976).
Wireless measuring device in stainless steel and PEEK (101977).

Alternative control units:
CCWMon 20 (102062), a pure monitoring control unit for up to 20 wireless measuring devices
CC1 Compact (102053), a pure dual-line control unit