CC1 Compact 102053

CC1 Compact is a slimmed version of CC1 Mk II with the same functions but with a smaller touch display. It’s a control unit for controlling a dual-line system. It alarms when something goes wrong, like when pressure isn’t reached in time, the lubricant reservoir is running low, there’s too high resting pressure, or when there’s a problem with the pressure transducer. If there’s an USB memory installed it will store a complete register of all the lubrications and all the alarms.

The colour touch display presents the information in a clear and informative way. English, German, and Swedish are the languages available for the control unit.


  •  Settable pump and pause periods
  • Pressure settings
  • All settings are password-protected
  • Extra lubrication
  • Manual operation
  • Control via the lubricated machine
  • Output for operation indicator
  • Output for alarms.

Issuing alarms when:

  •  The set pressure has not been reached during the pump period
  • There’s a low level in the drum of lubricant
  • There’s a short circuit in the pressure transducer
  • Receiving a pressure acknowledgement from the wrong line
  • There’s too high resting pressure
  • Lubrication and alarm history is stored to an USB-memory
Enclosure classification: IP 65
Dimension: 231x185x119 mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 1,3 kg
Power supply: 80-264 V AC, 47-63 Hz - 2 A at 115 V AC - 1 A at 230 V AC
Primary fuse: 2 A slow/250 V AC, break 1,500 A at 250 V AC
Secondary fuse:5 A slow/250 V
Outputs: Max load80 VA resistive load
100 W inductive load
AlarmVoltage-free change over contact
Operation indication Voltage-free change over contact
Solenoid valves Built-in power source 24 V DC
Total max 4 A
Setting range: Pump time: 1 - 9 999 seconds
Pause time: 1 - 9 999 minutes
Pressure: 1 - 250 bar