Electric grease pump for pail, 1/4 or 1/1-drum

This high pressure piston pump is powered by an electric motor via a worm gear and is suitable for applications where compressed air is not available. The pump operates automatically by means of a a pressure switch in the outlet, switching on or off the power according to the pressure limits set. (Please note that this function is only available if you have the control unit.)

When ordering, please advise the correct part numbers of the selected pump, control unit, and electric motor.

Output: 150 g/min at 1 400 rpm
Grease pressure: 35 MPa/5 075 psi
Outlet connection: Utv. ISO-G1/4
Pump tube diameter: 35 mm
Electric motor:3-phase 230/400 V 50 Hz 0,37 kW 1 400 rpm IP 55
Alt: 1-phase 230 V 50 Hz IP55

Pump for 16-20 kg pail Total height 855 mm
Pump tube length: L=400 mm
Weight excl. motor:17,0 kg
Part Number: 0102104
Pump for 1/4-drum Total height 1,170 mm
Pump pipe: L=700 mm
Weight without motor:19,5 kg
Part Number: 0102105
Pump for 1/1-drumTotal height 1,360 mm
Pump pipe: L=890 mm
Weight without motor:21,0 kg
Part Number: 0102106
Control unit Weight: 1,0 kg
3-phase: 0102016 0102059
Electric motor Vikt: 4,5 kg
3-phase: 901079 901090