Control Unit CCMon 10 907129

CCMon 10 is a control unit for monitoring up to 10 greasing points. Min. and max. grease feed values are set individually for each point. The set volume must be fed into the greasing point during a certain period of time. The system has a machine locking function stalling the monitoring system when the machine is not operating.

Greasing points: Max 10 st
Protection: IP 65
Supply voltage:230 V AC
Power consumption:350 W
Outputs: Max. 80 VA resistive load Max. 100 W inductive load
Alarm output: Potiential-free changeover contact
Operation indication:Potiential-free changeover contact
Inputs:Built-in power source, 24 V DC 5 A
Lubrication interval: 1-32 767 min
Lubrication feed: 1-32 767 cm³
Dimensions: 400x310x180 mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 10 kg