Digital grease meter with transmitter for communicating with transponders with button head nipple 0102510-3

To use LubeRight you also need the program.
Also available for traditional nipple.

Displays the planned amount for the grease point. Measures and register the amount of grease each grease point has recieved. Displays it and transfer it to the PC. It is also able to show short instructions. Has four different measurements units to choose from: cm³, gram, oz and fl.oz.

Use of the LubeRight system reduces overlubrication and overlooked lubrications, for manual lubrication.

ISO-G1/8 female
Max pressure: 70 MPa/10 000 psi
Output range:
0-1 000 cm³/min
Temperature range:
-20 °C – +40 °C
Part Number: