Mobile greasing unit for 1/4-drum, with 1:65 ratio grease pump 0102502

Equipment to transport and use 1/4-drum instead of using a smaller grease gun.

Grease pump 1:65
Drum lid (for 1/4-pails)
Follower plate (for 1/4-pails)
5 m hose, 1/4"
Grease gun
Flexible outlet hose
Zinc plated trolley
Weight without bucket:43 kg
Part Number: 0102502
Capacity:1 200 g/min
Air pressure min-max:0,3-1,0 MPa/43-150 psi
Air consumption:See below
Grease pressure:52 MPa/7 500 psi vid 0,8 MPa
Grease supply outlet: ISO-G1/4 swivel male
Grease return inlet: Plugged tube fitting for dia. 12 mm
Air connection:ISO-G1/4 female
Pump tube diameter: 50 mm
Material:Anodized aluminium, tempered and stainless steel, brass and plastic
For 16-20 kg pail:Part Number: 0102095
Total height:800 mm
Pump tube length: L=400 mm
Weight:9,0 kg
For 1/4-drum:Part Number: 0102094
Total height:1 115 mm
Pump tube length: L=700 mm
Weight:11,5 kg
For 1/1-drum: Part Number: 0102093
Total height:1 305 mm
Pump tube length: 1 305 mm
Weight:13,0 kg