Battery-driven mobile oil unit 907239

Viscotroll DC is the ideal solution when you need to top up with oil in places or at times when you do not have access to either air or electricity. The unit has a self-priming gear pump with 12 V DC electric motor.

The built-in pressure switch allows the pump to be automatically started and stopped. A nozzle meter monitors dispensed oil. The unit has a built-in battery charger and the battery must be recharged after tranferring 2/3 of the oil drum.

Flow rate: Up to 6 litres per minute
Noise levels: Less than 65 dB
Motor voltage: 12 V DC
Oil viscosity: Max 2 000 cSt
Weight: 58 kg
  • Trolley for 1/1-drum, complete with nozzle support, pipe support and drip tray.
  • Self-priming pump with 12 V DC motor
  • IP 55 protection rating
  • 3/4″ suction hose with filter
  • 3 m 5/8″ bore delivery hose
  • Flexible delivery nozzle with meter and non-drip valve
  • Pressure switch with safety valve
  • Battery with battery charger
  • Flow meter with an accuracy of ±0.5%