Oil cleaner 907543

This oil cleaner makes a powerful industrial cleaner out of any regular barrel. The equipment sucks the oil into a standard barrel. The barrel can then be transported to recycling or destruction. Fills a 200 liter drum in just over 2 minutes with clean or polluted liquids. Equipped with an over flow protection. Can collect everything liquid. Replaces or minimizes the use of sorbents. Can be used on floors, spill plates and machines. Handles particles up to 30 mm.

Weight: 6 kg 907543
Note! Dishes not included!


Barrel belt 907544

Barrel girdle recommended.
Pressure, air feed: bar 5 6 7
Air consumption, max: l/min 7508501000
Vacuum, max: bar 0,30 0,35 0,38
psi 4,4 5,1 5,5
Sound level at 7 bar: dB(A) 79
Maximum temperature: +60°C
Distance from compressor up to: 8 m
Needed pressurized air hose, dia: 1/2´´
13 mm 20 mm 25 mm

– Venturipump forms a vacuum in the drum.
– Over flow protection.
– On/off valve and hose nipple.
– 2” camlock drum connection for 38 mm hose.
– Vacuum hose, 2 m x 38 mm.
– 38 mm hose end piece for suction lance.
– Chromed suction lance
– Floor nozzle with rubber scraper.
– Slit nozzle (small picture).
– Air connection ISO-G1/4