Progressive feeder type PFB for grease or oil

The PFB progressive distributor divides and distributes a volume of lubricant (oil or grease up to NLGI 2) fed into it from a variety of lubricators.

  • Rugged design in nickel-plated steel or acid-proof
  • Lapped pistons without seals and springs
  • Reliable and accurate discharge
  • Optional function control
Material: Nickel-plated steel
Lubricant: Oil or grease up to NLGI 2
Max pressure: 20 MPa/2 900 psi
Max. number of cycles per minute: 200
Discharge per outlet and cycle: 0,13 cm³
Max temperature: 160 °C

The PFB progressive distributor divides and distributes the volume of lubricant fed into it and apportions it in equal amounts to the lubrication points. A PFB progressive distributor, when used with a single line lubricator, enables many more lubrication points to be fed than otherwise. A complete distributor comprises a minimum of three dispensing elements integrated in a mono block with one lubricant inlet (see fig. 1). Each dispensing element has a hydraulically operated piston that divides and discharges the lubricant fed into it. The volume discharged is 0.13 cm³ / cycle for each of the two outlet ports (fig. 1) of a dispensing element. The pistons of the dispensing element operate in a progressive sequence one after the other. No piston can commence its stroke before the preceding piston has completed its stroke. The distributor immediately stops functioning if any piston does not complete its stroke. When all pistons of the distributor have made one reciprocating stroke a full cycle has been completed. The necessary feed volume to achieve this is called the cycle volume and is dependent on the size and number of the dispensing elements. Each dispensing element has two outlets, one to each side (fig. 2). These can be combined as one by removing the plug A in the outlet channel (fig. 5) and simultaneously plugging one of the outlet ports (fig. 3). The outlet used will then discharge 2 x 0.13 cm³ = 0.26cm³ per cycle. Two or three neighbouring outlets can also be linked together by means of an external cross porting bar to meet the grease volume required by larger bearings or wear surfaces. By monitoring the piston of only one of the dispensing elements, the function of the whole of the progressive distributor lubrication system can be monitored. This is achieved by an inductive transducer installed in the place of the cylinder plug of a dispensing element. The transducer will signal each full cycle made by the progressive distributor to a control unit or a PLC.

Stainless steel Part Number: Nickel-plated steel Part Number:Number of pistonsNumber of outletsDimension A Weight
906982 906761 3 660 mm/2.36” 0.6 kg/1.3 Ib
906983 906762 4875 mm/2.95” 0.8 kg/1.7 Ib
906984 906763 51090 mm/3.54” 1.0 kg/2.2 Ib
906985 906764 612105 mm/4.13” 1.2 kg/2.6 Ib
906986 906765 7 14 120 mm/4.72” 1.4 kg/3.1 Ib
906987 906766 816135 mm/5.31 1.6 kg/3.6 Ib
-906767 918150 mm/5.90” 1.8 kg/4.0 Ib
-906768 1020165 mm/6.49” 2.0 kg/4.4 Ib