Air-operated grease pumps

Assalub has over 90 years of experience in grease pumps for the heavy process industry. This makes us a reliable partner with exceptional technical know-how in lubrication systems. We construct, manufacture, and assemble pneumatic and electric grease pumps at our factory in Sweden. Thanks to our own manufacturing, we offer customers customized solutions that meet the industries’ high-quality requirements.

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Benefits with our pumps:

  • easy to use with optimal performance
  • reliable and long-lasting
  • tailored pump manufacturing solutions for specific needs
  • pump design based on 90 years of high-tech knowledge

A wide range of high performance air-operated pumps for industry applications

In industries like steel, mining, and pulp & paper, lubrication is essential to ensure optimal performance of rotating equipment. Our complete grease lubrication units are used to lubricate bearings in industry applications all over the world. Explore our product range consisting of:

  • Lubricant handling equipment – air driven Assalub pumps for grease, oil, waste oil and anticorrosion fluid. In addition, we deliver accessories such as hose reels, flow meters, trolleys etc. We also manufacture an electrically powered pump for hydroelectric stations.
  • Centralized lubrication equipment – multi-outlet lubrication pumps as well as grease pumps for single line and dual-line systems.

What is the difference between pneumatic and electrical Assalub pumps?

A pneumatic pump is powered by compressed air. An electric pump consists of a drive section and a pump section, where the latter contains a piston pump. The high-pressure piston pump is powered by an electric motor. The pump operates automatically by means of a pressure switch in the outlet, switching on or off the power according to the pressure limits set.

Professional air-operated grease pumps and accessories that increase productivity

With our family of oil and grease equipment, you’ll reduce maintenance costs, protect wear points, and increase productivity. Discover cutting-edge products such as:

  • air-operated grease pumps where solid construction and optimized design makes the pumps ideal for high-pressure applications. Perfect for pulp & paper, steel, and cement mills, mining, power stations etc.
  • electric grease pumps Our excellent electrical pumps are designed for heavy duty industrial and mining applications, where compressed air or hydraulic service is not available. These high pressure Assalub pumps are powered by an electric motor via a worm gear and provide user-friendly, reliable performance year after year.
  • accessories A complete program of grease filter cartridges, lubricant level switches, mobile pump elevators, drum lids, pump tube adapters and other helpful products.


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