“Totally Empty” follower plate

The pump is fitted on top of the follower plate hub and follows it down as the grease level sinks. This makes for almost complete emptying of the drum. The pump height above the lid shows the actual grease level at a glance. The follower plate is made of aluminium with nitrile rubber seals. Suitable for pump tubes of 50 mm diameter.

For 16-20 kg 0102202
Drum diameter range: Ø 265-295 mm
Weight: 0,85 kg
For 25 kg 0102485
Drum diameter range: Ø 310-335 mm
Weight: 1,1 kg
For 1/4 0102142
Drum diameter range: Ø 340-360 mm
Weight: 1,1 kg
For 1/1 0102116
Drum diameter range: Ø 555-580 mm
Weight: 2,8 kg

It is virtually impossible to empty a grease drum completely by means of a conventional pump and follower plate. Our pumping innovation is the “Totally Empty Concept”. It challenges conventional construction because the pump is supported on a floating follower plate. This follower plate/pump construction is designed as a completely closed grease handling system to empty a grease barrel. Only the grease remaining under the curved follower plate (circa 1.5-1.9 kg in a 180/200 kg drum) is left in the barrel. The pump and follower plate fall with grease level due to the weight and the vibration caused by the pump, in combination with the vacuum that arises under the follower plate preventing the plate from sticking in the drum. See fig. 1.
When the drum is empty, the follower plate rests hard against the bottom of the drum and must be released by means of compressed air via the airgun (Part Number 902947). See fig. 2.
In addition the pump when used with a centralised lubrication system is designed with a return line connection to return grease to the barrel below the follower plate.

Type of Pump 16-20 kg pail 1/4-drum 1/1-drum
1:65 w. grease return 0102095 01020940102093
1:6 -01021000102100
Drum lid010201901021110102110
Follower plate 0102202 0102142 0102116