Hand pump for grease and oil

Robust hand pump that pumps both grease and oil with a simple adjustment at the handle. The pump can be depressurized by raising the lever arm to its uppermost position, which makes removing or connecting quick couplings easy. With 2″ drum bung fitting for mounting in drum lid.


Pump tube diameter: 35 mm
Variable output per stroke: 27-40 g
Max pressure: 5 MPa/700 psi
Outlet connections: ISO-G1/2 female
Material: Zinc-plated steel and brass
Seals: Nitrile rubber
Type:Part Number: Tube length: Weight:
For pail: 0102171470 mm 2,9 kg
For 1/4-drum: 0102172720 mm 3,6 kg
For 1/1-drum: 0102173920 mm 4,2 kg