Measuring station

Oval D measuring station is designed and developed to monitor the oil flow rate of the SR – oval gear meter in oil re-circulation systems.
The Oval D measuring station can work as an independent station connected to KVMWIM control room software or to a customer’s DCS/PLC via Modbus RTU protocol.


  • Stainless steel housing
  • Local display
  • Serial interface RS485 or RS422
  • Communication with upper level systems
  • Modbus RTU protocol
  • Kytola KVM protocol
  • Alarm relays
  • Alarm inhibit at start up
  • Alarm groups

Typical applications:

  • Lubrication oil monitoring
  • Industrial oil flow monitoring
  • Process control
Housing: Stainless steel, IP65
Supply voltage:24 V DC/0.5A ±5% or 85 - 267 V AC
Display: 4 x 20 tecken + 4 knappar
Communication:Modbus RTU (RS485/RS422) or KVM (RS422) protocol
Measuring points/station
Maximum: Max. 48 with Modbus RTU protocol (96 measuring points on request) or max 48 with KVM protocol.
Max. number of stations: Up to 64 stations can be connected to one serial bus.
Alarm relays: 3 pieces volt free relays for Hi flow, Lo flow and 1 piece programmable relay Lo flow alarm.
Alarm inhibition inputs: 3 pcs isolated inputs to prevent alarms.
Sensor types: Coil- or NAMUR-sensor, DIN 19234.