Oval gear flow meter

Oval gear flow meters with an electronic output signal are an ideal lubricant oil flow meter. The method for measuring flow is based on the rotation of the gears and is independent of viscosity or changes in temperature of the oil; therefore, pre-set flows are accurate at all times

Design and functional description

The measuring device of the meter is a pair of oval gears that provide a specified number of pulses at each revolution. The total number of pulses is converted to flow in litres per minute by an electronic measuring station. As the measuring method is based on displacement one does not have to compensate for the change in oil viscosity. The reading is correct even when the oil is cold at start-up.
The flow meters are available as individual units SR-10, SR-20, SR-30, SR-60, and SR-100 (see table below), but also in blocks with a multiple of meters. They are available with 4, 6, or 8 metering units (SR4-X, SR6-X, and SR8-X). The inlet connection is common to all units.

The oval gear wheel meter is manufactred in the following sizes:

ModelMinimum flow (liters/minute)Maximum flow (liters/minute)Pulses/liters
SRx-1 0,1 11 960
SRx-2 0,2 21 200
SRx-2,5 0,25 2,5 1 060
SRx-6 0,6 6 300
SR-10 110 125
SR-20 220 75
SR-30 330 49
SR-60 6 60 22
SR-100 10100 12
Precision: ±5 %
Max pressure: 10 bar
Max temperature: 80 °C
Max oil temperature: 80 °C
Frame material: Aluminium
Metal parts: AISI 316, CuZn39Pb3
Plastic parts: Polyphenylsulfide (PPS), Polyamide
Seals:Flourinated rubber (FPM)
Recommended oil purity: 16/13 (ISO 4406)

Advantages of the oval gear wheel meter:

The meter’s operation is independent of the oil vixcosity and therefore the correct flow is always present regardless of the temperature of the oil.
Flow meters with a maximum of 6 litres per minute can be delivered with a by-pass valve that makes it possible to direct the oil flow directly to the lubrication point with a reduced flow. This enables servicing of the meters to take place during their operation.

The meters are assembled to form metering panels. The meters are connected to an electronic metering station which can monitor 48 meters.
The metering station can work independently, but can also be connected to a computer.