ACV dispenser

The ACV dispenser is of modular design and is available in three sizes: 001, 002 and 010. The modules are assembled on a base plate. The base plate is available in two configurations: one common base plate for the 001 and 002 size dispensers and one base plate for the 010 size. The base plate for sizes 001 and 002 is available in different sizes – from two dispensers to seven.

If only one dispenser is required, no base plate is needed. The base plate for the 010 dispenser is available for 2, 3 or 4 dispensers. The dispenser body is made of aluminium and is mainly intended for oils and greases. If other medias are to be dispensed, e.g. adhesives, paints, gels etc. – please contact Assalub AB.

TypeACV-001 ACV-002 ACV 010
Dosage cm³/stroke 0.005-0.12 0.01-0.21 0.04-1.2
Minimum air pressure 0.2 MPa/29 psi --
Air operating pressure 0.2-0.7 MPa/29-100 psi --
Media operating pressure Max 3 MPa/440 psi --
Grease NLGI 0-2 --
Weight, kg 0.45 0.45 1.6
Part Number: 906514906515906516

Base plates and cover plates for ACV

ACV-001 ACV-002 ACV-010
Number of dosers Part Number: Part Number: Part Number:
2906517 906517 906523
3906518 906518 906524
4906519 906519 906525
Cover plate907037907037907038

Operation of the ACV dispenser

In the neutral position (Fig. 1) both the pilot piston and the main piston are in their upper positions. When activating the dispenser
(Fig. 2) the pilot piston is pressurised thus connecting the main plunger with the outlet. Now, the main piston is pressurized (Fig.3), dispensing the volume in the cylinder under the piston. When the dispensing cycle is completed (Fig. 4), the pilot piston is released from pressure and moves upwards, sucking back a part of the lubricant from the outlet, which prevents uncontrolled dripping.

Dimensions of ACV 001 and 002, mm

Quantity of dosers, N LAWeight, kg

Dimensions for ACV 010, mm

Number of dosers LAWeight, kg

Circuit diagram for ACV