Operation’s sensor for dispenser ACV/CVM

By attaching sensor, the operation of precise fluid dispenser can be confirmed by the indicator rod.

Basic Sensor Specifications

Item Specifications
Power source voltage 12~24 DC
Consumption current <15mA
Output NPN transistor open collector - max. current entry: 50mA - applied voltage: 30V DC or less - residual voltage: 0.4V DC or less (at current entry 50mA)
Operation indicator lamp Red LED (ON when output in ON without indicator rod)
Protection structure IP 67
Cable length3 m

Model:Part Number:
For ACV-001, ACV-002, CVM-03 907269
For ACV-010, CVM-10 907270
For CVM-50 907271
(The above codes are the assembly of one sensor switch and one mounting ring)