CVM dispensers

The CVM dispensers are of modular design and are available in 3 different sizes: CVM-03, -10 and -50. As every module has the same width they can be mixed in
one assembly without any limitations. Each assembly can consist of maximum 4 modules and is kept together with 2 tie bolts.

TypeCVM-03 CVM-10 CVM-50
Dosage cm³ / slag 0,05-0,30 0,20-1,20 0,50-5,0
Minimum fluid line pressure 5,9 MPa/870 psi --
Fluid line operating pressure 5,9-14,7 MPa/870-2 180 psi --
Max fluid line pressure 20,6 MPa/2 980 psi --
Minimum air pressure 0,3 MPa/43 psi --
Air operating pressure 0,3-0,7 MPa/43-100 psi --
Grease NLGI 0-2 --
Weight, kg 1,4 1,51,6
Part Number: 907033906504906508
Spare Part KitsPart Number:
To CVM-03 907082
To CVM-10 907083
To CVM-50 907084

Operation, CVM dispensers

In the neutral position (Fig. 1) both the air piston and the dispensing piston are in their upper position. Activated (Fig. 2), the large upper area of the air piston is
pressurised, thus connecting the dispensing piston cylinder with the outlet. The pressure of the grease dispensed will now force the dispensing piston downwards (Fig. 3), delivering the amount of material in the cylinder under the dispensing piston. In fig. 4, the lower part of the air piston is pressurised and the upper part is under atmospheric pressure. The piston will then move upwards, sucking back part of the dispensed material.Thanks to this function, a distinct brake of the
material string will occur, thus preventing uncontrolled dripping. Now, the dispensing piston is pressurised on both sides. As the lower area is larger, the piston will move upwards to its upper position defined by the adjusting screw.

Measurements, CVM dosers

Qty. of dosers ABCTie bolt set
21419482Part Number: 907034
3188 141129Part Number: 907035
4235188176Part Number: 907036

Circuit diagram for CVM

Type of CVMH
CVM-03 104
CVM-10 128
CVM-50 176