Lubricator type FLM

Type FLM has 1-6 outlets and is suitable for small lubrication systems with grease requirements up to approx. 0.55 cm³/min per outlet, with continuous back pressure not exceeding 50 bar. With progressive distributors this single outlet could be used to serve up to 10 lubrication points, depending on the bearings’ grease requirements. Compact design and a good range of accessories make the FLM lubricator highly suitable for reliable automatic lubrication of equipment with a small number of lubrication points.

Ordering code

The easiest way of ordering a lubricator is to use the form below. It allows you to specify type of pump, number of outlets, type of reservoir, number of strokes per minute and the voltage of the motor. We require all these details to be able to supply the correct lubricator.

Number of outlets:1-6
Feed per pump stroke: 0,03-0,10 cm³/stroke
Number of pump strokes / min 50 Hz5,6 2,8 1,4 0,7
Number of pump strokes / min 60 Hz6,6 3,3 1,7 0,8
Back pressure, continuous (MPa)5
Back pressure, intermittent (MPa)10
Standard reservoir, manual replenishment volume (liter) 2 4 8 16
Reservoir with high, low, and alarm levels. Volume (liter) 5 13
Reservoir with high, low, and alarm levels. 5
Voltages: 3×220-240/380-420 V 50 Hz
3×250-275/440-480 V 60 Hz
3×500 V 50 Hz
3×400/690 V 50 Hz
3×575 V 60 Hz
Other voltages on request