Over-pressure Control LTB2050-3

The safety valve is installed in the lubrication line between pump and progressive distributor. It is set to open at 100 bar and thus protects the pump from damage in the event of blockage of the distribution line or progressive distributor.

The opening pressure can be adjusted with an Allen key. Turn clockwise to increase the opening pressure, turn counter-clockwise to decrease the opening pressure at 30 bar per turn, 100 bar is the standard adjustment. For each clockwise turn of the screw, the pressure increases by 30 bar up to maximum 5 turns which gives 250 bar. (Don’t exceed 200 bar!) At 6 turns, the valve is closed.

For each anti-clockwise turn on the screw, the pressure decreases by 30 bar up to maximum 2 turns which gives 40 bar. At 3 turns, the valve is completely open.

Connection: 1/4″
Weight: 0,4 kg