Air-operated oil pump, 1:6 ratio, for mounting in drum 0102100

Pneumatic oil pump, ratio 1:6, are recommended for pumping very high viscosity oils or for long distance pumping of oil.

With 2″ drum bung fitting for mounting in the drum lid. The air-operated grease pump can be equipped with a special follower plate for maximum emptying.

Output: 23 l/min with an SAE30 oil at 0.5 MPa (70 psi)
Air pressure min-max: 0,3-1,0 MPa/43-150 psi
Supply pressure: 4,8 MPa/700 psi vid 0,8 MPa
Oil outlet: ISO-G3/4 female
Oil intake: ISO-G1
Air connection: ISO-G1/4 female
Pump tube: Ø 50 mm L=960 mm
Height, total: 1 440 mm
Weight: 9,8 kg
Material: Anodized aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass and plastic
Seals: Nitrile rubber 0102100