Air-operated oil pump, ratio 1:1, basic execution 0102170

Pneumatic oil pump, ratio 1:1, are used for pumping low-viscosity oils over short distances, e.g. transferring from one vessel to another. This pump is also suitable for use with diesel fuel.

Pump type: 0102170
Oil: 80 cSt 40 °C
Temperature: 20 °C
Air pressure: 0,6 MPa/87 psi

To read the diagram see the same for 1:65 grease pump.

Capacity: 30 litres per minute, with an SAE30 oil at 0.5 MPa (70 psi)
Air pressure min-max: 0,3-1,0 MPa/43-150 psi
Air consumption: See below
Outlet pressure vid 0,8 MPa: Operat. pressure 0.8 MPa (120 psi)
Oil outlet: ISO-G3/4 female
Oil inlet: ISO-G1 male
Air connection: ISO-G1/4 female
Materials of construction: Anodized aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, plastic
Seal material: Nitrile rubber
Weight: 2,8 kg
Part Number: 0102170