Air-operated piston pump 1:3 0102164

With ratio 1:3, base model. This pump is designed for airless spraying of low viscosity rust preventives.

Capacity: 20 l/min
Air pressure min-max: 0,3 - 1,0 MPa
Delivery pressure: 2.4 MPa at 0.8 MPa air pressure
Outlet connection: ISO-G3/4 female
Suction inlet connection: ISO-G1 male
Air connection: ISO-G1/4 female
Weight: 2,6 kg
In-depth material: Anodized aluminium, steel, stainless steel, brass and plastic.
Seals: Nitrile rubber
Type:Part Number:
Sealing kit for pump 1:3 0102208
Repair kit for pump 1:30102209