Control unit CCS Alpha 907278

The control unit controls and monitors single-line lubrication systems. A pressure switch is connected to the control unit for monitoring of the pressure.

100-240 V AC


  • Adjustable pump and pause times.
  • Possibility of extra lubrication.
  • Machine interlock.
  • Output for operation indication.
  • Output for alarms – issuing alarms when the set pressure has not been achieved, when the level in the lubricant drum is low, or at short circuit in the pressure switch.
  • Counter for the number of lubrications.


  • Pause time: Time from pump stop to pump start.
  • Pressure operating time: The time from pump start until the set pressure is reached and the pump is stopped.
  • Pump time: Maximum pressure drive time before alarm is triggered.
  • Lubrication cycle: Time between lubrications, ie. pressure drive time and pause time.
Protection class:IP65
Dimension: 230x300x185 (BxHxD) mm
Supply voltage:100-240 V AC
Current: 1,1 A
Outputs: Pump: 24 V DC max 8 W
Pressure switch: 24V DC max 20W
Operation indication:24 V DC max 3 W
Alarm output: Potential-free closing contact max 250 V AC / 30 V DC 1A
Inputs: 24 V DC
Setting range:Pumping time: 1-32 767 s
Pause time: 1-32 767 min
Weight: 4,2 kg