Single point lubricator 150 cm3 907399

Weight: 0,54 kg

The single point lubricator (SPL) is an automatic lubricator widely used in modern manufacturing operation. Since its introduction more than 50 years ago, the SPL has
undergone an extensive improvement process. Original spring type lubricators were replaced by gas charged automatic lubricators, and battery-operated electro-
mechanical lubricators are now replacing gas charged lubricators. These new SPLs are far more flexible and reliable than their predecessors. The electro-mechanical lubricator is powered by a lithium battery. An electric motor activates the piston in the container. Each time the piston is moved a preset distance the lubricator dispenses an accurate amount of lubricant. Thus temperature does not affect the discharge from the lubricator. The lubricant discharge from the reservoir can be set on a
DIP-switch from1 to 12 months in 12 steps. The lubrication cycle can be interrupted by removing the batteries or set to another discharge period. A much appreciated feature of this lubricator is that the grease reservoir is easily recharged. All that is required is a grease gun or grease pump and a simple refilling kit. The grease should be free from air. When replacing the grease reservoir it should be disposed of as combustible garbage. The lithium type battery can be disposed of along with ordinary batteries.

Container:150 cm³
Weight, filled:655 g
Protection class:IP 65
Pressure:7,5 bar ±2 bar
Temperature:-20 till +60 °C (depends on the type of grease)