Lubricator type B

The B-lubricator is designed for automatic lubrication of machines and for dosing of liquids. It is a sturdy and reliable lubricator which automatically supplies the right amount of oil to each lubrication point.

The B-lubricator is available with 1-18 outlets and with two different reservoir sizes, 2.5 and 6.5 litres. The lubricator
can also be used for a larger number of lubrication points by connecting two lubricators together or by using progressive distributors.
The feed is individually adjustable for each outlet, and by direct drive, in direct ratio to the speed of the lubricated machine.
The pump elements of the B-lubricator are designed with slide sealing (no ball valves or springs) and leakage return. This results in an absolutely accurate control of lubricant feed to each outlet.

Number of outletsContainer volumes, liter* Weight in kg
1-8 2,5 13 23
8-18 6,5 25 35


Electrical data: acc. to IEC 34 – 1.
Manufacture: Brook Crompton
Isolation class: F
Protection class: IP55
Hz Voltage code
Voltages: 3 x 220-240/380-420 V 50 Hz 1
3 x 250-275/440-480 V 60 Hz 1
3 x 500 V 50 Hz 2
3 x 400/690 V 50 Hz 3
3 x 575 V 60 Hz 4
Övrigt* 9
Power rating: 0.18 kW/1 370 rpm 50 Hz
0.21 kW/1 680 rpm 60 Hz
0.25 kW/2 810 rpm 50 Hz
0.28 kW/3 370 rpm 60 Hz

*Motors of other makes, for other voltages, single-phase, operation with stand-by heating, Nema or CSA approval etc. are available on special request.