Air-operated oil pump, ratio 1:1, for wall mounting 0102207

Pneumatic oil pump, ratio 1:1, are used for pumping low-viscosity oils over short distances, e.g. transferring from one vessel to another. This pump is also suitable for use with diesel fuel.

With wall bracket, hose and suction tube kit.

Capacity: 30 l/min, with oil SAE30 vid 0,5 MPa
Air pressure min-max:0,3-1,0 MPa/43-150 psi
Outlet pressure at 0,8 MPa: 0,8 MPa/120 psi
Oil outlet: ISO-G3/4 female
Oil inlet: ISO-G1 male
Air connection: ISO-G1/4 female
Materials of construction: Anodized aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, plastic
Seal material: Nitrile rubber
Suction hose length: L=1,6 m
Steel suction tube with check valve: Ø 32 mm
Suction tube length: 940 mm
Weight: 5,9 kg
Part Number: 0102207