Single line system for grease 906716

A simple, reliable, and economical lubrication system for grease, which consists of pumping equipment, control unit and progressive distributors. Due to the fact that the grease is discharged directly from the drum to the lubrication feed line, you will have a contamination-free system.


  • Safe operation.
  • Closed system no grease handling is required. The original manufacturer’s drum is used.
  • Full system monitoring
  • Air operated grease pump.
  • Minimum of grease wastage.

The principle of the progressive system

Pump Station

1:65 ratio grease pump, drum lid, follower plate, grease
filter, low level limit switch, air filter/regulator, flow rate
reducing valve, shut-off valves, hoses and air gun.

Type:Weight:Part Number:
For 1/1-drum26 kg101909
For 1/4-drum20 kg101933

Control unit CCL Alpha

PLC-based control unit for lubrication systems.

Intermittent operation with pre-set time intervals. Only lubricating when the machine is operating. Monitors correct operation and discharge of the system. Monitors and alarms faulty system operation and low lubricant level.

Supply voltage control system:230 V AC
Supply voltage inputs:24 V DC
Power consumption:30 VA
Protection class:IP 65
Dim. W x H x D: 230 x 300 x 145 mm
Weight: 3,5 kg

Progressive feeder type PFB or PFG/PFM

The progressive distributor dustributes equal amounts of grease via pistons in the block to each application point. Each point will receive, in turn, the correct amount of lubricant. Equipping the distributor with a cycle transducer which in turn is connected to the control unit, will monitor the operating function and alarm, in case of a malfunction.

Lubricant:Grease up to an NLGI 2
Max pressure:20 MPa/2 900 psi
Max number of cycles per min: 200
Discharge per outlet and cycle: 0,13 cm³
Max temperature: 160 °C