Accessories for grease handling

With over 90 years of experience supplying professional grease pumps and accessories to all areas of industry, Assalub is your reliable supplier of high-quality grease handling equipment. Our experienced team of engineers delivers flexible solutions that are tailored to your specific operations. Whether you need a steel trolley for drums, adapters, or grease hose assemblies, we offer a full range that makes your job easier.

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Grease handling accessories for process industries

Lubrication machinery and systems are fundamental in industries like paper and pulp mills, mining, cement production plants and automotive manufacturing. The lubricating grease pumps and accessories ensure that rotating equipment works properly, and thus enables processes to run reliably without production downtime.

A wide range of grease handling accessories for your needs

 Assalub provides you with a wide selection of helpful lubrication accessories to keep your grease equipment functional and safe. We deliver oil and grease accessories such as:

  • trolleys triangular drum trolleys for 1/1 drums, steel trolleys and steel carts for 16-20 kg pails. For smooth and safe transportation of heavy grease packagings.
  • adapters intended for grease gun attachments, and to help with both handheld and automatic applications.
  • grease nipple assortment kits with 250 different types of grease nipples. For connections to machinery where grease guns are attached, to easily introduce grease into the system.
  • grease swivels for high pressure are installed between grease guns, delivery hoses or control valves. For prevention of hoses being twisted and damaged.
  • bearing fillers with standard nipple for connection to hand grease guns etc.


Our staff is always happy to help if you have questions about grease pumps and accessories. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us!