CCWMon 20 – Control unit WLubeMon 102062

The control unit CCWMon 20 collect data from up to 20 measuring devices and present the information in a clear and informative way. The control unit alarm when the lubrication amount or temperature is outside preset limits.

Available languages in the control unit are English, German, and Swedish.

  • Settable monitor interval
  • Settable max. and min. lubrication amount
  • Settable max. temperature
  • Alarm output:
  • Lubrication amount outside preset values
  • Low charge in battery
  • Communication problems
  • High temperature
  • Optional name for each lubrication point
  • Information on lubrication amounts and temperatures may be transferred to a computer and analyzed.
  • Settings for the lubrication points can be done on a computer and then transferred to control unit
Control center for monitoring
Protection: IP 65
Dimensions: 231x185x119 mm (WxHxD)
Power supply: 80-264 V AC, 47-63 Hz
Output: Alarm - Potential free change over contact Operation - Potential free change over contact

Wireless measuring device in aluminium and POM (101976).
Wireless measuring device in stainless steel and PEEK (101977).

Alternative control unit that also is a control unit for a dual-line system (102061).