Grease Flow Transmitter (Anodized aluminium and POM – WLubeMon) 101976

Grease flow transmitter is a part of the WLubeMon system. The grease flow transmitter measures the flow of lubricant and ambient temperature and transmits it to the WLubeMon control unit (102061 or 102062). The placement of the grease flow transmitter should be close to the lubrication point to minimize the risk for leakage between the grease flow transmitter and the lubrication point.

The battery life is at least 15 years. The charge of the battery is also transmitted to the control unit.

The measurement is done by oval gear type, with built in magnets in one of the oval gear wheels, together with a reed switch which closes twice every revolution.

The grease flow transmitter is also available in stainless steel and PEEK (101977).

Dimensions: 46x40x50 mm (BxHxD)
Connection: ISO-G 1/8"
Material: Anodized aluminum, POM
Weight: 0,198 kg
Flow range: 0 - 1 500 cm³/min
Temperature: -20 to +80 °C
Max pressure: 700 bar
Media: Grease NLGI 000 - 2 Oil ISO VG >42
Protection: IP 67
Life: 1,000,000,000 pulses equal to about 655 m³ (reed switch)
Battery life:> 15 years (lithium 3.6 V)
Accuracy: Grease NLGI 2: 0.325 cm³/pulse ±3% Oil ISO VG 150: 0.300 cm³/pulse ±3%
Frequency range: 868 MHz
Range: Up to 75 m from control unit