Lubrication equipment

From mobile filling units to supply hoses, Assalub provides you with a wide selection of lubrication accessories to keep your grease equipment functional and safe. Here you´ll find the best handling equipment to meet the needs of industrial customers in processing facilities, automotive manufacturing, pulp and paper mills, mining etc. Thanks to our own manufacturing and 90 years of experience, we offer customized solutions for specific requirements. Welcome to contact us!

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High-quality grease equipment for long lasting lubrication performance

Lubrication is one of the most important factors determining bearing performance. Our grease equipment is engineered to deliver maximum efficiency and serviceability, giving our customers the best total cost of ownership. Functions of lubrication:

  •   To lubricate each part of the bearing, and to reduce friction and wear
  •   To carry away heat generated inside the wear point due to for example friction
  •   To prevent corrosion and dirt contamination
  •   To cover rolling contact surface with the proper oil film to prolong bearing fatigue life

Explore Assalub’s full range of grease equipment

Assalub´s grease equipment is applied in industry applications all over the world. Together with availability for our customers, a high sense of quality standard and service, we continue to push boundaries in the field. Discover grease accessories such as:

  • mobile greasing units with grease pumps are used to transport grease around the factory area with the aim of lubricating bearings, refilling central lubrication systems and pumps etc.
  • supply hose with grease gun for applying lubricant to a specific point, usually on a grease fitting or ‘nipple’.
  • pump equipment for different drum types a complete range of pump components such as regulators, connectors, plugs and valves. For spare parts or ordering complete pumps for your operation facility
  • other parts like dosing systems and hose reels

Environmentally friendly concept for saving resources

In addition, we offer the Totally Empty concept where grease barrels are completely emptied with the help of a specially designed Totally-empty mobile replenishment unit for grease. Normally, 5-30 kg of grease remains in the barrel because the pump is not able to absorb the last amounts. By mounting the barrel pump on top of the follower plate the pump follows the dropping grease level down to the bottom, thus optimizing use of resources.


Our staff is always happy to help if you have questions about oil and grease equipment. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us!