With ratchet drive.
Internal ratio: 1,75:1 eller 1:1
Ratchet lever stroke: 6-60°
Ratchet speed: Max. 700 strokes/minute
Drive assembly on left- or righthand side

Technical information for B-lubricator

Noise level

The noise level is less than 70 dB(A)


The lubricator is capable of pumping oils and other fluids with a maximum viscosity of approx. 600 cSt at 40 °C. High viscosity oils and fluids may have to be pre-heated before they can be pumped.


Plunger diameter 9 mm (standard)
Max feed per pump stroke: 0,30 cm³
Max continuous back-pressure: 12 MPa/1 700 psi
Max intermittent back-pressure: 30 MPa/4 400 psi
Plunger diameter 7 mm 7 mm
Max feed per pump stroke: 0,18 cm³
Max continuous back-pressure: 20 MPa/2 900 psi
Max intermittent back pressure:30 MPa/4 400 psi

Adjusting feed

Maximum feed per pump stroke of the plunger is equivalent to approx. 0.30 cm³. Feed is reduced approx. 0.05 cm³ for each anti-clockwise turn of the set screw. To ensure accurate adjustment, the set screw is stopped each 1/4-turn by a spring-loaded ball pressing into grooves in the set screw.
Turning the set screw a 1/4-turn thus reduces or increases the volume fed by approx. 0.012 cm³. We recommend not to adjust the set screw more than about 5 turns, a setting gives approx. 0.03 cm³ (one drop of oil) per stroke. You can check the feed by counting the number of drops passing the sight glass during one minute. Multiply this by 0.03 cm³ and you obtain an accurate output.