WLubeMon is a system for monitoring grease lubricated lubrication points. The system is independent and can monitor all grease lubrication – from all types of automatic lubrication systems to manual grease lubrication.

WLubeMon consists of an accurate measuring device that measures the grease amount fed to the lubrication point. The measuring device communicates wireless with the control unit for continously monitoring. The control unit offers alarm, statistics and logging functions. Up to 20 measuring devices can be monitored by the control unit, normally up to 75 meter from the control unit.

The battery in the measuring device last more than 15 years.

The languages available are English, German, and Swedish.

The status for each lubrication point is clearly shown.

The control unit is very user friendly with touch colour screen.

Measuring device (AISI 316 & PEEK)
Measuring device (Auluminium & POM)

Control unit for monitoring
Control unit for monitoring and dual line control